Are you like millions of others that have issues sleeping? Whether it’s your girlfriend or the new promotion, sometimes it can be difficult getting to sleep and staying asleep. The tried and true method would be a nightcap, but we need a long-term solution. Here’s a few tricks to help shut your brain up at night.

Turn Off The Electronics

People are surprised to hear that television and smartphones contribute to insomnia. Staring at a bright screen for hours makes it harder for the eyes to relax, so your best bet is to have a technology-free bedroom. After all, the bed is used for two things: sleep and sex. Anything else is just a distraction that will keep you from getting sleep.

Hit The Gym, Then The Sheets

Working out obviously makes you tired, right? Well, it’s the same concept before bedtime. Completing a rigorous workout a few hours before is a great way to both work off the calories of dinner and prime your body to crave rest. When your body is sore and aching, you’ll be begging to go to sleep.

Jerk Off

Assuming you don’t have a partner available, you might want to turn to your hand and masturbate before bed. Masturbation, the old male pastime, is a great stress reliever. In a sense, it functions the same way as the workout before bedtime. An accelerated heart rate followed by climax will leave you feeling satisfied and relieved. Just make sure not to spend an hour looking for the perfect porn; it’ll defeat the purpose. Get your business done and get to sleep.

Turn Down The Temperature

Studies suggest the optimal sleeping environment has a cooler temperature. Well, no shit, trying to sleep while sweating is God awful. So, if you’re having trouble falling asleep, try to cool down your room by lowering the thermostat or turning on a fan.

Light-Up Some Incense

Not all men enjoy the smell of incense, but they also function with a purpose more than just scent. Burning lavender incense in your room induces a feeling of drowsiness. Not to mention, the incense will make your room smell better overall. The women you bring over will be thankful, trust us.

Falling asleep can sometimes be difficult. With troubles surfacing in your brain at bed time, a few simple tricks can go a long way to calming your mind and giving you a better night’s rest. Give these tips a chance, what do you really have to lose?

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