Are you ready for a new way to not only track all your fitness goals, but also protect you from being injured in the process? Fitbits are great to track your steps and help you record some general statistics, but what if you could ditch the lame wrist accessory and just rely on your shoes to do the job? Talk about convenient!

So how does it work? Under Armour has infused their shoes with the latest chip technology. This tech can relay important information to your smartphone or smartwatch, such as alerts that inform you of your current physical state. For example, if your muscles are too tired to run at full capacity, then you’ll be notified and can adjust your fitness routine accordingly. Not bad for a pair of kicks, huh?

Currently, Nike and Adidas offer shoes that work similar to a fitbit or other exercise tracking devices. They measure time, speed, and distance, which is admittedly very helpful. However, Under Armour is the first to offer footwear that will actually measure your body’s readiness to exercise, which can save down time from unexpected injuries.

The shoes are scheduled to be released in February, and there will be three options to choose from. The pricing will range from $140 to $160, and they all will have the ability to connect to the MapMyRun Under Armour app.

We know that as a dedicated athlete or fitness guru, it’s easy to push yourself too hard through the fatigue, which can lead to painful injuries. Now you can train for your marathon, or head out for your daily jog and know your limits, all thanks to your shoes!

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