Cultural icon and talented trumpeter Miles Davis, was known as one of the most influential jazz musicians of all time, as well as an innovator of improvisation and a musical maestro. He was pure musical genius.

Montblanc has created a collection of three luxury pens, to honor Miles Davis and all his exceptional qualities. The collection will become part of Montblanc’s Great Characters Limited Edition line.

The first of the collection is the Miles Davis Limited Edition 90. Its design is meant to resemble a trumpet to honor the music man, and also to celebrate his 90th birthday. It can actually be considered more of a work of art than a pen as its white gold cap features splashes of blue along with a rose-gold inlay of a trumpet. It even has valves on the clip and a cone shaped like the mouthpieces that Davis used to love.

The next piece is only limited to 1926 units, and it can function as either a roller ball or fountain pen. This pen, appropriately named the Miles Davis Limited Edition 1926, features a platinum barrel with engravings of instruments on it, along with the Montblanc emblem right on top of the cap.

The third piece of the collection features a beautiful black-and-platinum design, which symbolizes Davis’ evolution in music.

Overall pricing details are unknown for the Limited Edition 90 and Limited Edition 1926. It seems the pricing is only available upon request. However, the Special Edition has pricing available. The fountain pen is $905, the roller ball is $780, and the ballpoint is available for $710.

Montblanc has done an excellent job honoring this musical genius. If you’re a Miles Davis lover, then these writing instruments would be a great addition to any collection. It definitely adds a touch of class to any memorabilia.

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