With the New Year comes new awesome tech creations, right? Well, here comes a brilliant ray of technological sunshine! There is now a UFO shaped floating houseboat that will soon be on the market. Yes, it’s as badass and realistic as it sounds, so don’t be surprised if the FBI start circling around in helicopters.

The Features

The UFO Houseboat totes plenty of interesting features, one of the most prominent being the underwater living room. Instead of seeing the same old front yard in your current home, you could be watching sharks swim by. You won’t have to worry about having too little room, as the entire houseboat has space for up to 100 people. So, party on!

Sad to say, despite being “UFO inspired,” the boat cannot fly on its own. It does, however, require an airlift to wherever you’d like your houseboat located. You won’t be doing any far traveling, as this boat can only reach up to 9 knots, although this is faster than many other houseboats currently on the market.

As you can expect, the UFO Houseboat doesn’t come cheap. You can snag your own for just over $1 million. Don’t worry too much about the price tag, though, as this boat has both solar panels and wind turbines to power the craft. That type of self-sufficiency will pay itself off eventually, right?

If you’re having trouble imagining the magnitude of this craft, just think of it as Doomsday Preppers: Rich Edition. Not only is it incredible in its technology, it’s also a great retreat for any apocalyptic scenarios. Coming on the market in 2018, expect only the most affluent to own this engineering marvel.

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