What the hell does TRX even mean? TRX (total-body resistance exercise,) is a fancy acronym with the notion that all you need for a productive workout is gravity, your own body weight, and straps that can be fastened securely. It’s like the concept of the Total Gym, using pulling and pushing motions with your own weight for resistance. This product will help you avoid all the bulky clutter that builds up in your closet, with simple, and easy-to-store straps. Now that we know how it works, what exercises can you do with the TRX?


This exercise is no different than a regular push-up, but with your feet elevated in the straps, there will be additional weight on your upper body. It’s much like doing a push-up with your feet up on the couch, adding to the difficulty.


Unleash your inner Viking by doing rows. Performing the row workout, is a great method to developing muscles in your upper back. Grabbing a strap in each hand with your palms facing inward and leaning your body weight back until you hit a 45-degree angle, pull your chest to your hands to complete a rep. Remember to flex your core as you perform each rep to get the most out of the workout.

Bicep Curls

In the same position as the row workout, take the straps in your hands, and lean your body weight back until you reach a 45-degree angle. Once in position, and with your hands facing upward, curl your arms to bring your body weight up, in a chin-up motion. Taking this exercise slow is crucial, because biceps injuries are all too common.


You should already know this, but NEVER skip leg day! Although this product is mainly used to focus on the upper body and core, you can still get a killer leg work out into your schedule. While performing the squat, use the straps to help maintain balance while leaning more body weight backward. The TRX straps allow you to focus on specific muscle groups, rather than just boring up and down squat motion.

Sometimes the best workouts are the simplest. Forget about the crazy P90x fads and grab the TRX. It stays true to the fundamentals, but manages to avoid the boredom of simplicity.

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