If you’re like every other person in America, you’ll probably make a poor attempt at a New Year’s resolution. Not that your intentions aren’t pure, but try to make a realistic goal for yourself rather than some crazy fantasy like hooking up with a different girl every night (yeah right, bro.) But not all resolutions are made equal. To better your chances of success, you’ll have to pick one area of your life you want to improve on and stick with that. This means you need to stay away from unrealistic goals in order to keep your morale and productivity up. Check out a few of the most common resolutions that people struggle sticking with.


Got a potty-mouth? Well shit, of all the habits to break, swearing isn’t the worst. Cursing is the spice of language, so don’t think that a swear-jar will solve your problems. The swear-jar will just drain your wallet, which will make you angry and swear more. It’s a vicious circle of cursing.


If you think you can quit carbs and lose a few pounds, you’re sorely mistaken. Do you know what has carbs in it? Beer. Drinking beer is like eating a loaf of bread that slowly gets you drunk. You could opt for wine with a third of the carbs but then again, you don’t see many guys drinking wine while watching football. So, don’t be that guy; keep on drinking beer. Plus, we need carbs, people!

Spend Less Money

If you have deep pockets, you probably have a great social life. Want to save money this year? Then you’ll be sacrificing that social life, which makes zero sense. Unless you’re on the verge of bankruptcy, opting for a night in with Netflix instead of a night out with the boys sounds painfully boring.

Join a Gym

Go ahead, blow a couple hundred bucks on an expensive gym membership that you’ll only use in January? Didn’t think so. Here’s a nifty idea: save the money you would’ve spent on that gym and just workout from home. You don’t need to be like Schwarzenegger with the weights. Burpees are an effective workout with zero equipment. Or, if you’re truly committed, join the gym and go often. Maybe you’ll even meet a friend you can work out with.

New Year’s resolutions are, in general, pretty stupid. Why use one day of the year to start becoming a better person? If you really want to better yourself, then there’s no time like the present! So, get off your ass and get to work.

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