‘Tis the season for comfort foods and booze, which also means the season for packing on the pounds! No worries, we all go through it, and it sucks… It’s not easy staying on track with diets and fitness goals while the holidays surround us with so much temptation. So here’s a few ideas to help stay on track (we can try, right?)

Know Your Limits

Chances are, your calendar is filled with festive events. You can attend these parties, but instead of indulging in food and booze at every single one of them, set limits for each one. Maybe choose to forgo the alcohol at a few to leave room for some of the delicious meals. Then at the others, choose to eat beforehand so you aren’t tempted by the calorie ridden food items. Just remember, watch yourself!

Don’t Forget To Hit The Best “Bar” In Town

If you add in more workouts per week, especially in the mornings, it will not only help counteract any added calories you’ve acquired, but you’ll also realize, holiday snacking isn’t worth it. There’s nothing worse than working out after a binge and feeling the damage that’s been done to your body. Spending more time in the gym means focusing on what’s important to you.

The Scale Is Your Friend

Keep a scale handy and weigh yourself often during this time of year. When you can literally see the damage, you’re doing, it will be much easier to back off the baked goods.

Bring Healthy Food To Potlucks

Not everything has to be about creamy dips or sugar heavy pies. When asked to bring a food item for a holiday party, you can opt to bring something healthy and lower in calories, and stick to that and the veggie trays during your visit. Easy as pie!

Just Say No

It’s easy to validate junk food this time of year because the struggle of craving comfort food in the winter is very real. However, skipping the things that are detrimental to your physique will give you power, and feels so much better than a spare tire you must work extra hard to remove in January.

When you’re faced with the stress of holiday eating, just remember it’s only a season. Once you get through it, you’re free and clear for the rest of the year. We believe in you. Stay strong!

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