Every year when the holidays approach, traffic seems to worsen as everyone frantically tries to rush through shopping and holiday parties. Trying to navigate through the craziness to get home after work is frustrating enough without having to also worry about getting to family gatherings, and office parties on time. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to escape the bumper to bumper hell? Well, it’s your lucky day, friends!

COBI is here just in time to help you ride through winter by bike! COBI has a customizable app and a handlebar-mounted hub which is made up of various sensors and specific wireless connections that assist with turning your smartphone into a supercharged dashboard. Pretty cool, huh?

An added bonus, setup is super easy. After installation, you’ll have the ability to take calls, receive navigation instructions specifically designed for bikes, get weather updates to make sure you’re riding in fair conditions, and even stream music.

Not only are you wining by avoiding the crazy holiday traffic, but COBI includes some additional features that make it even better! This bike has integrated AmbiSense lights that are meant to keep you visible when the sun goes down after 5 PM, a theft protection system so you don’t have to worry about someone taking off with your bike, and a rain cover just in case you end up running into some flakes or raindrops on your journey. To top it off, COBI will keep your phone charged for those longer than expected rides. That’s something we can all appreciate.

It sounds like COBI is the answer to our Christmas prayers, and the end of our traffic nightmares. Travelling by bike will lessen your overall stress (which is necessary during the holidays anyway.) Park your car, hop on your bike, and cruise to your holiday destinations!

Knockout Mag

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