The NFL is suffering from a myriad of problems this season, one of which is a drop in ratings. So, what’s the solution? Get rid of Thursday Night Football. The NFL is oversaturating their market, which leads to viewers turning the game off before it even ends. Not to mention, playing on the short week puts the players at risk for further injury.


One of the reasons why the NFL ratings are down this year is because there are simply too many days of the week devoted to football. Sunday and Monday will always be the NFL’s, so when they try to put their stamp on Thursday as well, it screams greediness. They’re trying to squeeze every drop out of their ratings, which is having the opposite of the intended effect. To compound the problem, the NFL gave viewers a range of mediums to watch their games, such as streaming through Twitter.

Player Safety

Between playing on Sunday then Thursday, players only have three days to prepare. The day immediately after the game, many football players can’t even get out of bed due to the immense pain, so that leaves two days to prepare physically. That compromises safety because the players have such little time to heal their previous wounds.

Game Prep

With a short turnaround from Sunday to Thursday, players and coaches have to dial up the intensity when it comes to the mental side of football. The learning curve is much more difficult when the preparation time is cut in half. What’s the result of less time to plan? Thursday night games are usually a low score with plenty of droughts on offense. Boring! Fans want lots of scoring when the game is played on prime time television.

Thanksgiving football games is what created the Thursday Night Football trend. It’s a great tradition that ended up spawning a new game day, causing headaches for coaches and players alike. If the NFL really wants to better increase their ratings, they should put all their chips on Sunday and Monday. This will allow for a greater concentration for football fans and help protect the players. Everybody wins!

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