Buying gifts for your girlfriend can be a hassle. You need to find the right balance between thoughtful and affordable. So, don’t make the same mistake all other men make who buy their girlfriends expensive jewelry. Fancy bling is great occasionally, but it’s time to take it a step further and put some real thought behind your gift. It’s time to show her you really care, and trust us, the effort will not go un noticed

Memorable Trip

Is your girlfriend the adventurous type? Buy two tickets for a hot air balloon trip. Not thrilling enough? Try jumping out of a plane together! Sky diving is a once in a lifetime opportunity and shows you what lengths your girlfriend is willing to go for you. Win-win!

Herbal Bath Oils

Women love to take baths. It’s in their genetic code. If you really want to make your girlfriend smile, get her some herbal bath oils. On second thought, you can get your woman anything having to do with the bath. Just go nuts.


You might be thinking that it matters if your girlfriend likes the smell of the perfume you choose for her. It doesn’t. As long as you enjoy the scent and show enthusiasm for the purchase, your girlfriend is bound to love it. It’s the old motto, if you love it, she’ll love it.


Don’t buy this product unless your girlfriend has absolutely made it clear that she wants to shed a few pounds for the New Year. Any other scenario will end up in a cataclysmic fight and yes, you will lose. The Fitbit is a great gift, and can be used for all the adventuring you’ll do together. Another win!

Tote Bag

Women always carry around too much stuff, but that’s why we love them: they’re always prepared. Let your woman know you appreciate her by buying her a fashionable tote bag. Plus, think about how many beers you can sneak into the movie theater.

Sexy Silk Robe

Alright, there’s no hiding it. This gift is secretly for you. While your girlfriend will enjoy the feeling of a silk robe, you’ll also be enjoying the improved view of your significant other in the morning. Christmas is the time for giving, right?

You may be able to buy your girlfriend expensive jewelry or clothes, but don’t forget what truly makes Christmas great. This is your opportunity as a man to show off your prowess and impress your special lady for the holidays. Whether it’s a tote bag or a silk robe, let your girlfriend know you care and go all out this season.

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