When you start dating someone around the holidays, it’s difficult to decide what to get her for Christmas, especially if you’re just casually dating. Of course, you want to show her you appreciate her, but you don’t want to come rushing in with diamonds or anything else that might scream “commitment” just yet.

So how do you give a gift that is one level above friendship, but still below serious relationship? We have compiled a list of gift ideas to help you give a safe option to the new lady in your life without coming across as the creepy needy dude.

A Card & Bottle of Wine

This is simple, easy, and cannot be mistaken for anything more than a standard gift from a casual gentleman. If she’s not a fan of wine, give her a small bottle of her favorite liquor and a mixology book instead.

Tickets To An Event

If she’s into sports, musicals, or has a favorite musician coming to town, buy her a few tickets to the event and slap a bow on them. Make sure you don’t buy tickets to a show that’s too far out, because she may ask you to join her, and since things are casual you don’t to want to make it look like you’re making plans too far in the future.

Something Quirky

You can buy her a goofy mug or a book with 100 random facts. Basically, anything silly can be considered thoughtful, but won’t appear too romantic, and therefore will remain casual.

Inexpensive Accessories

You can buy her a nice scarf, some comfy gloves, or even a cute hat. Any winter appropriate one-size-fits-all items are perfect non-committal gifts for the holiday season.

Gift Cards

Sometimes gift cards can come across impersonal, so try to stay away from just buying a visa gift card, because that’s lame. Instead, put a little more thought into it and give her a gift card to her favorite store, or maybe even for a massage or facial.

No need to stress this year when it comes to gift giving. Stick with something as low-key and casual as your new arm candy and you’ll be in the clear!

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