Women often complain about having to buy men gifts. They’ll say, “you’re impossible to buy for.” Well, that’s just ridiculous. There’s always something we need, even if we can’t remember we need it! Check out a few of the most basic men’s gifts you can never go wrong with:


Every gentleman needs his own scent. It might sound primitive, but a recognizable and enjoyable scent on a man is a necessity. Usually, cologne can last for the year, which is perfect when next Christmas rolls around and he needs a refill. Look for colognes like Nautica Voyage or Kenneth Cole Reaction to give an attractive and memorable scent.


If you know a man enjoys his cigar, use Christmas to splurge and buy something fancy. However, there are so many different cigars that fit a wide range of pallets, so the purchasing process can be intimidating if you’re a rookie. Full body cigars offer a more intense flavor than their milder counterparts. The size of the cigar also matters. A 5-inch cigar compared to a 7-inch cigar can mean the difference between smoking for 30 minutes or smoking for an hour.


From the likes of Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, to Johnny Carson, there is no shortage of famous gentlemen who love their whiskey. If you’re having trouble deciding what brand to buy, remember the wise words of Raymond Chandler: “There is no bad whiskey. There are only some whiskeys that aren’t as good as others.”


Based on functionality, watches are being squeezed out as inconveniences compared to smart phones. However, a gentleman can always use a nice watch to accessorize with his evening wear. What type of watch should you pick? Well, a nobleman enjoys his fashion without bringing too much unnecessary attention to himself. So, don’t pick anything too cheap like a digital or too flamboyant with diamonds and gold.


The biggest plague of men’s fashion is finding the perfect pair of sunglasses. Some men figure sunglasses aren’t all that important to their overall look, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There is one big rule to remember when picking out a pair of sunglasses: the glasses must work with the shape of the face. Compliment a round face with the sharp lines of square shaped lenses and compliment square faces with a round lens to soften sharp features.

Shopping for a gentleman isn’t difficult. If you buy something useful and classy, there’s no doubt he’ll appreciate your gift.

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