“Je ne sais quoi” is French for an attraction to a characteristic that you can’t quite put your finger on. You know sexy when you see it, but why do men think certain women are indescribably sexy? Well, science is helping define those primal urges that attract men to women. Not just any woman, mind you, but that special someone that you can’t control yourself with. So, why do men feel such an attraction to certain women, but can’t seem to figure out why?


Pheromones are key in the attraction between men and women. However, it’s much deeper than nice perfume or cologne. It’s a subconscious desire based on the natural scent of the other mate. It goes so far that men can even perceive when a female is ovulating, driving his sexual desire for her to a maximum. It works the same way with women, in that they can pick up your scents of testosterone. While this chemistry is not something you can completely control, this should be incentive enough for men to stop dousing their bodies in Axe.

Body Language

Just like your natural scent, body language is a key factor in determining attraction, however subtle it may be. Men are much more attracted to a woman who has an open body posture, accepting of the male’s presence. It can be an immediate cue to a man whether the woman would like to even speak with him, let alone have sex. Prolonged eye contact is also the number one way to flirt between couples. It shows receptiveness towards the other mate, so when you’re flirting, keep your eyes on hers and you’ll let her know how interested you are. Just make sure your eyes don’t wander to other parts of her body.

Tone of Voice

Another subtle indication of a woman’s attraction is her tone of voice. Scientific studies have shown that women talk in a higher pitch when conversing with a man they’re interested in. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to talk in a deeper voice with a woman they like to sound more masculine. Be aware of how women talk to you and you’ll surely do better when fishing for some play.

There are many indirect cues of attraction that men don’t initially pick up on. However, if you keep your attention on her body language and tone of voice, you’ll be much more receptive to how she feels. Just don’t be creepy and sneak a whiff of her scent to find out if she’s the one.

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