Christmas can often feel like a stressful time due to the crazy hustle and bustle of the holiday madness. Also, finding the perfect gifts for friends and family takes a keen eye for detail, and isn’t something you can rush through on Christmas Eve (who are we kidding, we’re men.) If you’re in need for a great gift this year, look no further! The new retractable hidden TV mounts are the quintessential gift for the diehard football fan or really anyone looking for a more comfortable viewing experience.

How Does It Work?

In its default position, the television looks as inconspicuous as a painting or mirror on the wall. You can place it anywhere, but it’s recommended to hang over your bed. With minimal effort, you can shift the “painting” over to reveal a television on the back that can either flip completely or loom over the top of the bed. With the hidden TV mounts, you won’t have to watch television in any awkward positions while in bed. Simply pull the television out, lay back, and enjoy the highlights from ESPN after a long day’s work. Or, watch whatever you need to feel a little more comfortable as you wind down…

What’s The Catch?

This is a great device that can revolutionize the layout of your bedroom. However, these TV mounts cost an upwards of $800. It’s a hefty price tag but if you’re serious about the ultimate in comfortable entertainment, this product is a must-have.

These retractable hidden TV mounts are a testament to the discreet nature of modern technology. If having a comfortable viewing angle from your bed is important (duh,) this is the way to go!

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