Every man knows how expensive women can be. Between the dates, presents, and vacations, it can be incredibly taxing on a man’s wallet. However, with every problem comes a solution, right? So here are some ways you can avoid those pricey credit card bills:


Many sociable women often enjoy going out and grabbing a drink with friends or just with her man, that’s you! But after a few nights like that, your wallet is starting to ache. With drinks and cab fares to pay for not only your girl, but her friends as well, a night out can soon feel like sacrificing a child. But fear not, there are ways around going out with your girl EVERY night. Offer her a romantic night in with a bottle of wine, candles, and cuddling over a Netflix movie. Tell her you want her to yourself tonight. You’ll save your money and she’ll appreciate that you’re thinking of her instead of settling for another (expensive) night out.


Most women enjoy presents from their men because it shows we’re thinking of them. With Christmas coming quickly, you’ll have more pressure to buy expensive gifts. One way around buying gifts for your girl too often is to satiate her appetite until a special event rolls around. Buy your woman her favorite flowers twice a month. It’s an affordable alternative instead of opting for jewelry every time you think about her. Just remember, invest in a beautiful vase.


Vacations are a great time for a couple to focus solely on one another and get away from all the distractions around. But vacations can prove costly when you’re visiting exotic areas like South American beaches. Once a year, you can splurge and go on an expensive vacation, but what do you do until then? Staying within the states is obvious, so recommend a road trip, visiting famous landmarks. If your girlfriend is the adventurous type, suggest going on a camping trip. Considering the costs of food, travel, and gear, these are much more affordable vacations than leaving the country whenever she gets bored. Who has time for that anyway?

Gentlemen, we tend to run up a large tab when dating, but there are ways around the gouging prices. Offer her a romantic night in, buy her flowers when you think of her, and suggest going on a road trip for a vacation. You don’t need money to impress women, you just need to spend wisely!

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