Talking to a hot girl should be like approaching any other human and striking up a conversation. Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. Maybe the initial approach is relaxed, but once you’re there what do you do? It’s very possible (and common) that you’ll say all the wrong things. Maybe everything starts out great and you can totally tell she’s feeling it. However, one wrong word and you find her suddenly making an excuse to escape. This can leave you confused and frustrated, and it sucks but we’ve all been there. Check out this quick and simple guide on how to approach attractive women and not say the wrong things:

Don’t Psyche Yourself Out

Okay we get it, she’s hot. That doesn’t make her superhuman. Shut off that little voice in your head that tells you she’s out of your league or that you’re not good enough. Don’t miss a chance by talking yourself out of it.

Be Wary Of Your Body Language

When you’re nervous, you can put out a weird vibe while trying to impress a girl. Make sure you stand up straight (chicks dig confidence,) make eye contact, and give her a real genuine smile. Each of these key tips will set the foundation for the meeting before any words are exchanged. If you can charm her before you speak, it’s basically a done deal.

Don’t Ramble

Find Things In Common

To keep conversation flowing, ask her some open ended questions like where she grew up or what her current Netflix obsession is. Eventually you’ll find something you can relate to, and you can have an honest conversation about it rather than forced awkward topics like how the weather has been lately. The sooner you find common ground the sooner you’ll find yourselves chatting up the night and really connecting.

Ask For a Date

The reason you even approach a hot woman is because you would like to see them again (your bed, preferably.) So make it happen! If you just ask for her number, then you’ll end up texting back and forth forever, which can either eventually die out or give too much time for some other dude to swoop in. Instead, get her number and ask her what her plans are the following weekend. If she told you about her love for Thai food, tell her you know just the place and make it a date!

Just remember that confidence is key, and if a woman chooses not to go out with you, it’s not the end of the world. Sometimes you can say all the right things but still get turned down. No matter what happens, these steps should help your next interaction go a bit more smoothly. Practice makes perfect, and if you keep these rules in the back of your mind, you may be surprised at the outcome. Now what are you waiting for? Get out there, lady killer!

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