Like any piece of machinery, you need to keep parts well lubed to be sure everything’s running properly. That’s why everyone should try PLAISIR des SENS, a personal lubricant with a warming device, because nothings worse than dryness during sex.

PLAISIR des SENS is French for “pleasure of the senses.” The added warmth of the lubricant increases blood flow to the genitals, which in turn adds to the pleasure. Sex in itself raises body temperature, so the lubricant combined with the intensity of sex will undoubtedly crank up the heat in the sack.

The PLAISIR des SENS can sit on top of your bedside table, sleek and discreet. The design certainly doesn’t look like a generic bottle of lube when on your dresser, which is nice to avoid any suspicious looks. To boot, the lubricant is even edible and supposedly, delicious. Be careful, though, not to accidentally reach for a glass of water in the middle of the night, and instead grab the lube.

Sex can often result in a mess of fluids, either lubricants or otherwise. This is why you always keep an extra set of sheets handy. However, after you finish with this lubricant, there’s no messy clean up afterwards because it absorbs into your skin.

The PLAISIR des SENS seems to be the perfect item to really warm things up this winter!

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