Have you always wanted to make beaucoup bucks? Well, everyone does, but it’s not always that simple. You’ll have to be intelligent, charming, and compassionate to succeed in these high paying positions.

Architect- $120,000

If you were like millions of other kids in America, then you probably played with Legos. So how hard could it be to become an architect? You’re going to need more than a ruler and a strong knack for mathematics if you’re ever to succeed as an architect. Buildings are only getting higher and higher, so designing them to withstand strong winds and earthquakes takes knowledge of physics from a brilliant mind. And a ton of schooling.

Software Architect- $128,000

In the ultimate combination of creative and mathematic, designing software will provide serious dough. Only people like Bill Gates will have the mind for a job like a software architect. In this position, you’ll make the big decisions facing the future of software. Also, you’ll need to be a wizard with coding, an art that many don’t understand.

Strategy Manager- $130,000

Was your childhood spent ruthlessly destroying family members in games of Risk? Well, being a strategy manger isn’t quite so brutal, but will take a keen intellect by making moves and planning the future. You’ll need to lead a team of professionals while planning for every obstacle the company may face.

Pharmacy Manager- $130,000

Every guy has probably thought about being a drug dealer at least once in his life, but really hates the thought of prison. Do things the legal way and become and pharmacy manager! Making sure patients have the correct dosage of medication is paramount for the pharmacy manager, as their lives and well-being hang in the balance. We take pharmacy managers for granted, but they take a lot of shit from cranky people on the daily, so cut them some slack.

Lawyer- $144,000

Becoming a lawyer is a little more complicated than just getting paid to argue. A renowned lawyer has more than just smarts. It takes a type-A personality and high-intensity charisma to survive as a lawyer. Education mandates several years of Law School or you can just choose to learn from the dozens of lawyer shows on television. Better Call Saul seems like the most realistic interpretation of the cut-throat nature of being a lawyer.

Physician- $180,000

If you can suffer a lifetime of debt from college, then you deserve to have the highest base salary in America. Seriously, some physicians die with their debt from schooling, but medical professionals don’t choose their career for the money. They truly want to make a difference in the world. Isn’t it crazy to think that football players make more than the people we trust our lives with!? Somethings off there.

If these high paying salaries seem intriguing, don’t forget, it’s never too late to go back to school, and start a new career path! Bring in the money!

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