It’s likely at some point in your life, you’ve rekindled a “relationship” (or whatever you prefer to call it,) with an ex-girlfriend. But why do we do it? We know it’s bad, and they have the title “ex” for a reason. We’ve all been there and will probably continue to make these mistakes again and again. When asked “why,” there are a few (probably very obvious) reasons men will give. Let’s see if you can relate!

Sleeping Alone Sucks

If you once shared a bed every night with your ex, it can be difficult getting used to sleeping alone again. You end up straddling a pillow, or tossing over in the middle of the night feeling the empty space on the cold side of the bed. It’s just not the same. On the other hand, you now have all the space you need to sprawl out and really take advantage of that California king! If you find yourself calling an ex just because you don’t want to sleep alone, you should just get a dog. Don’t be a pussy.

Events & Entertainment

You and your girl used to love going to concerts, taking hiking/camping trips, and going to see movies. Why should you stop doing things you like just because you broke up? But do you go alone? Your friends all have girlfriends or wives they spend time with, so what do you do? Movies are quintessential for dating couples specifically. However, if you’re now a party of one, you’ll have to sit all alone in a crowded theater. All the other couples will scoff at how lonely you look, which makes you even lonelier. Well, at least you’ll have the popcorn all to yourself!

Wedding Date

Neither man nor woman can ever show up to a wedding alone, so they usually find a temporary fling or call up their ex. But what would be worse than arguing about your breakup in front of all your friends and family? One too many drinks later and you’ll be drunkenly spouting off on stage in front of everyone, proclaiming how love is meaningless. We hope someone catches that one on camera.

You Need A Best Friend

For many men, their girlfriends and wives quickly become their best friend. After breaking up, you presumably won’t hang out, or even be comfortable around each other like it used to be. But let’s be real. To fill that empty void in your heart, all you need is a new best friend: a dog! Plus, he’ll be the perfect wingman because all women love dogs. Wow, it seems like a dog fixes most problems, hint hint.

The Sex (duh)

Sex. What we live for, right? Most of the time, sex will be the driving cause for getting back with an ex. After your break-up, and a few days of non-stop masturbation, the loneliness will kick in, making you forget all the crazy shit she pulled on you. You’ll convince yourself the sex with her is worth possibly getting stabbed in the middle of the night, and the next thing you know she’s on your door step. What’s nice about hooking up with an ex is she’s familiar territory. You already know what she likes, and she already knows all your favorite positions. Just remember, hide all your knives before she comes over and don’t let her stay the night!

We know how tempting it can be. The sex, the fun, someone to come to everyday. We get it. But just remember how it was before you met her. Forget your ex and move on to the next!

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