Forget about apples. Are you getting your daily dose of burpees? Well, you should be! Burpees are one of the best workouts for your daily regime, and here’s why:

They’re Simple

Forget about complexed P90X routines. They’re too flashy and straining. Burpees on the other hand have all the burn, without any tricks. From the standing position, squat down and hop into push-up position. Complete the push-up, hop back into a squat, and jump as high as you can, all in one motion. It might feel clunky at first but as long as you don’t give up, the motion will start to feel more natural.

No Equipment

Most guys want to lift weights, but can’t even lift their own body weight. How does that make any sense? If you can’t perform the basics, then you aren’t developing strength at the foundation of your body. The burpee fixes this problem without requiring anything other than your own body and an open space. Since they’re such a convenient workout, you can add them as an addition to other workouts like running or swimming. If you really want to step up your burpee game, add in a bosu ball. Do 20 of those in a row and see how you feel.

They’re Killer

You’ll be surprised how much burpees burn. If you think they’re easy, then you’re not doing enough of them. For starters, see how many burpees you can do in five minutes. Once the workout starts becoming easier, either increase the time of the workout or the number of burpees you can do in a row. You’ll get a burn in your chest, back, legs, and core but that’s how you know the burpees are working. Now remember, you’re not going to get bulky from this routine, but if you stick with them, you’ll start seeing a more toned body.

No matter what you have planned, you can add burpees to any workout. Since there are no excuses, start implementing them into your daily routine and feel the burn!

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