With most busy gentlemen working long hours and just overall absorbed in their own lives, it’s much harder to meet women organically these days. Sure, there’s online dating, but sometimes even that becomes a waste of time when you find out her profile was just a falsified resume of fake accomplishments and a picture that’s 10 years old. So we understand, it’s really hard to not jump the gun when you meet a cute girl in public; it’s like finding a diamond in the rough. However, there are some places, most of which are painfully obvious, that are either not recommended or just downright inappropriate to make a move. Here’s a friendly reminder on where NOT to pick up chicks:

The Bar

Not all couples who meet in bars are doomed, but chances are you won’t find love if you limit your search to the local pub. In other words, don’t plan on picking up anyone that’s “wifey material” after six tequila shots at the bar. Most of the time, respectable women go out to have a good time with their friends and aren’t looking to be gawked at all night, or approached by drunken flirtation. Alternatively, if she’s out all alone drowning her sorrows and desperately seeking attention, that’s a whole can of crazy you don’t want to open, even if you’re looking for a one night stand as opposed to something long term. Just don’t.

At Work

Don’t shit where you eat. We’re serious. The new girl might be sexy as hell, but if the attraction is mutual you have a 50/50 chance that it will either work out or your job will become a living nightmare. If she’s not into you, then the awkward rejection means avoiding each other around the office from now until forever, unless one of you quits. Better to keep things professional and keep the place you spend most of your time at bearable.

The Pharmacy

A trip to the pharmacy is quite often one of the most intimate moments for a person, and usually involves picking up prescriptions or items that can only be described as embarrassing. Usually you pray you don’t run into someone you know, let alone run into someone trying to get your number. Sure, you have a great view of her ass while standing in line behind her, but trust us when we say do not try to put the moves on a girl while she’s standing in line with her tampons and midol. Those items don’t tend to be great conversation starters.

The Gym

This one may seem surprising, but women go to the gym for the workout, not the dating pool. Nothing makes a woman feel more insecure during her gym session than knowing she’s being checked out by creepy dudes. If you find yourself in conversation with a beautiful woman at the gym and things escalate naturally, then good for you. Just don’t go to the gym specifically to scope out chicks, or jump on the first hottie you see. She won’t like that, honestly.

At a Funeral

This should go without saying. Sure she looks really cute with her mascara running and she’s leaning over and crying on your shoulder. This would be the perfect time to swoop in and be her hero, right? Wrong! Give the girl a break, someone she’s close to just died. Even if either of you didn’t know the person that well, can you imagine telling the “here’s how we met” story to everyone after? Just don’t.

So there you have it! Avoid awkward rejections and doomed relationships by keeping your moves to yourself in inappropriate places. The ladies will thank you!

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