Every fan knows that certain cities in America are better than others in cultivating the best sports teams. Historically, cities like New York, Boston, and Los Angeles have the best franchises with their respected sports. However, all franchises eventually fall and pave the way for new cities to have their moment of fame. Based on the four major sports in America, who has the best and worst sports teams? Let’s find out!

Best City: Chicago

The Cubs winning the World Series changed the city overnight. Suddenly, all the doom and gloom was banished by God’s gift to Chicago, undoing over a century of cursed baseball. And the best part? The team is looking forward to a run of domination for the foreseeable future and with no doubt, will be the favorite to win it all again next season.

Chicago also has the Blackhawks, a team who won the Stanley Cup Finals in 2015, 2013, and 2010. A consistent force in the playoffs, the Blackhawks have been the shoulder for the city to lean on during its darkest sports moments.

Chi-Town hasn’t been excited for the Bulls since Derrick Rose came to town, but he ended up a bust after he caught the injury bug. With Rose clear from the cap space, the Bulls brought in an upgrade in Dwayne Wade and Rajon Rondo, two dynamic players that can change the face of the franchise. It will be of note how Rondo and Wade get along, as both players have prominent personalities and strong attitudes. Expect for the Cavaliers to win the East, but the Bulls will be competitive this year.

With teams in Chicago performing at this level, the fans can finally be content with how bad Jay Cutler and the Bears are. C’mon, who gets outplayed by Brian Hoyer? If the Bears get a competent quarterback and stay off the injury sheet, they can make a decent run in a turbulent NFC North. However, Chicago will have to be happy with having ¾ great sports franchises.

Worst City: Houston

Houston is the ugly stepchild of Texas teams, which is why they’re hosting Super Bowl LI. They definitely need the exposure. The Texans are on top of their division with a 5-3 record, but the AFC South is undoubtedly the worst division in the NFL. With an overpaid Osweiler and goof-ball coach, Bill O’Brian, expect the Texans to be blown out in the first round of the playoffs.
Just like the Texans, the Astros look like a decent team on paper, but they are overshadowed by the better Texas team in the Rangers and consistently miss the playoffs. Football looms over baseball as the preferred sport in Texas anyways, but fans in Houston are desperate to cheer about anything.

Can Houston fans put their faith in the Rockets to make a decent playoff run this year? Not if they have to get through another season of loaded western teams like the Warriors, Clippers, Spurs, or Thunder. It’s simply too crowded out West for the Rockets to survive. James Harden just declared himself the best player in the league, but he’ll have to stop doing the mannequin-challenge when playing on defense for his team to have any hope. Houston is simply screwed for the foreseeable future.

While Chicago is currently the best sports city and Houston the worst, no worries! There’s lots of other cities that are just waiting for an opportunity to dethrone the top spot. Who will be next?

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