Once a man becomes a father, a lot changes. Things that used to be important to you are put on the back burner and all your effort goes into raising another human. It may seem like being a single parent makes dating much harder, but it can actually be quite the opposite. There are a lot of benefits that women find in dating divorced, single dads. The maturity alone is huge, but there are other reasons why a woman may prefer a single dad over a single bachelor.


Single dads are much more reliable because they have had a lot of practice as a parent. Because of this, they are much better at remembering important dates and being available when they are needed. You won’t find these guys partying until sunrise, which isn’t what a lady is looking for anyway if she’s ready for a serious relationship.


These dads have had more than one mouth to feed for a while now, which requires a stable job with stable income, and even stable living conditions. Women know these men are already self-sufficient and it would be much easier to build a life with someone who already has their shit together.


Having a kid teaches you the art of forgiveness. You know you can’t get mad at them as they’re learning so it forces you to be more open minded and accepting of mistakes that they make. This often gives men a softer approach to things, which is much more attractive to women who are looking for someone that will understand them.

Not Selfish

No room for selfishness when you have a child, so just forget about that! Women prefer to date single dads because they know that as fathers, they have to take the needs of others into consideration. This means there is more of a foundation for a relationship and an equal partnership.

Planning For the Future

There is no more living paycheck to paycheck or just paying the bills. Single dads need to secure a future for themselves and their children. They’re more likely to have more long term plans in life than just flying by the seat of their pants. It’s much easier to be with someone who has a plan than someone who just plays it by ear.

Prefers Nights In

As you get older, partying becomes more exhausting than fun, especially if there’s a kid in the mix. If a woman is ready to settle down, she’s just as sick of the party and prefers being with someone who isn’t afraid to Netflix and Chill on the regular.

The moral of this story: don’t think that being a dad hinders you in the dating scene. There are plenty of women that appreciate dads that are doing it on their own. It may be a different experience than dating if you were kid free, but ladies still seem to love it!

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