If water is just too bland for you, then you can always fix that by picking up an infuser bottle meant for adding fruits and herbs to lace with flavor. It looks like now we can do the same thing with shitty vodka, which seems like a pretty good idea, especially if the taste of cheap booze brings back bad memories. Alkemista is basically an infuser, but it was custom designed for spirits, which means it appeals to those who like to experiment with craft cocktails in lieu of just pouring it over some ice with a mixer and sipping their way to intoxication like most people.

The Alkemista has a removable filter that can accommodate up to 200ml worth of fruit, spices, and herbs for infusion. The bottle itself is 950ml, and you can pour up to 750 ml of liquor in, which means you can empty an entire bottle of gin, vodka, or anything else you want to spice up (literally.)

It’s pretty simple to use, and there is easy access to the filter as the Alkemista has a stainless steel bottom lid that can be unscrewed, which also allows for convenient cleaning. Once the bottom has been removed you can pack the infuser with any flavors you desire, screw the lid back on, and then top the bottle off with booze.

The silicone stopper that’s included is encased in stainless steel and helps to tightly seal the bottle. The tight seal allows you to keep it on a shelf for long periods of time without letting the alcohol spoil. Also, since the filter is removable, once you get the liquor to the level of infusion you want you can just remove it. Otherwise, another idea is to add new, fresh ingredients, and give it another round of flavor.

Impressing your friends at your next party would be one benefit of a spirit infuser like this one, other than masking the flavor of rubbing alcohol. It would be interesting to experiment with various flavors, but just be sure to avoid being like one of those pushy craft beer guys who gets all weird about the earthy notes and fruity undertones of their concoction. Yeah, don’t be that guy.

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