One men’s accessory that speaks volumes about who you are is the watch you wear. However, the watch itself is not what defines you. You must select the right one that compliments your style and accurately captures your personality. It can be difficult to decide what type to go with since there are so many brands and options. To help with this, we have come up with a general guide on making the right selection based on common styles.


If you have a job that requires a suit and tie, or you just prefer to opt for nicer attire in general, then you’ll want to pick a high end mechanical watch that’s sleek and makes a statement. The key is to find something that shows that you have good taste and you have done well for yourself, without being a show off. Also, a fine mechanical Swiss made watch can prove to be an investment and last you a lifetime. Check out brands such as: Oris, Ball, Hamilton, Maurice La Croix, and Rolex.


High performance gear and athletic wear is a style all in its own, even if the wearer isn’t going to be shooting hoops or running the track at that exact moment. The great thing about this style other than comfort is you’ll always be ready for your active lifestyle. If this describes you then you’ll probably want to invest in a good sports watch or something water resistant. If you can find one that looks fashionable, but also has perks like tracking your heartbeat or the miles you run then it’s a win. Check out brands such as: Oris, Tag Heur, Omega, and Rolex.


If you tend to rock more of a unique style overall, then you’ll want to pick a unique watch to go with. A watch that would complement this style for example, would be one with a bright colored strap, a large face, and an overall vintage look and feel to it. Something noticeable that demands attention would be most appropriate, especially if the watch looks like it’s one of a kind and is less likely to be worn by a bunch of other dudes. Check out vintage designs by: Omega, Rolex, and Hamilton.


If your style is laid back, then your watch style should be too. If you choose to dress more down to earth and practical then you should own something like a nice Swiss watch with a stainless steel band. It’s simple yet still compliments the casual look enough to tie everything together. You can get away with dressing casual more often if you at least pair the style with a watch that adds a slight touch of class to it. Pay close attention to dial colors so you can be sure to pick a neutral color that will go with everything you own. We recommend colors like black, silver, or white. Unusual colors like orange, yellow, or red aren’t as versatile. Check our brands such as: Hamilton, Lon Gines, and Tissot.

We recommend finding a reputable local retailer that carries the brands you’re interested in and also carries certified pre-owned or reconditioned timepieces. There are many options and price ranges to choose from. If you can try it on in person then you know exactly what you’re getting, and if you ever have service issues down the road you can always bring it back to have it looked at. Buying a watch that reflects your style is a very rewarding experience, and very few things you own can reflect your style, be worn everywhere, and prove to be an investment.

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