It seems that every woman has a secret agenda they don’t want us to know about. The first order of business on the agenda: to bring out the best in her man (at whatever the cost.) However, some women want to change their men into what they perceive as perfection. It’s usually not a conscious effort, as most women will shape their men without even trying. As a result, the man may find that his friends and family think he’s changed, without a clue as to why. It just so happens the change occurred right around the same time as this new relationship…

To investigate further on how some women negatively impact men, take a look at a prime example with Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. He’s been dating actress Olivia Munn since 2014. Just recently, there have even been rumors circulating the two plan on getting married, so it’s obvious Rodgers is crazy for this chick. What isn’t a rumor, however, is the fact that Rodgers’ football career has been in decline since 2014. After boasting career-high numbers in touchdowns, Packers fans thought they had back-to-back Hall of Fame quarterbacks at the helm. However, Rodgers has struggled recently, not due to injury or personnel issues, but from some unforeseen factor. Well, his slump coincides with his relationship with Munn.

Is Olivia Munn going out of her way to make Rodgers a worse football player? Absolutely not. Will Rodgers break up with Munn because of his performance? Well, just like the domino effect, this is just another example of how a woman can change a man in unforeseen ways. Sometimes the women that change us the most are the ones we think are perfect just the way they are. So, what do you do if you have a perfect woman but she’s bad for you? Well, she must not be perfect if this is the case, right? It’s okay for a woman to want to change things about you to better your life (diet, overall health, etc.,) just don’t let her take over and make you into something you’re not.

The best kind of man can discover how he’s changing in regards to his woman, especially before anyone else realizes. This way he can nip the problem in the ass before it even starts. This means, as a man, you must keep a vigilant eye on all areas of your life. Whether it has to do with your career or hobbies, just keep track of how things fluctuate depending on the kind of woman you’re dating.

It’s important to accept that women have men in a grip of total control. The quicker they realize this, the quicker they’ll rule the universe, so we try not to let them notice how much they control us. But admitting that a woman sometimes brings out the worst in you is the first step towards recovery and therefore, becoming a better man!

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