Just like a bird, it’s time to fly south for the winter. Escape the tumultuous political season in the U.S and enjoy your winter vacation in South America!

Intercontinental Cartegena de Indias (Columbia)

This hotel is the most popular destination to stay in all of Columbia. Rated 4.3/5, you simply can’t go wrong with this luxury hotel. Only 15 minutes away from the international airport, it’s mainly used as a hub for extravagant business meetings. Whether you’re in Columbia for business or pleasure, you can’t beat this waterfront stay!

Llao Llao Hotel & Resort (Argentina)

Tucked between the famous mountains of Argentina and overlooking numerous lakes, you’ll be spending more time enjoying the sights rather than staying in the hotel. The Llao Llao Hotel demands an active mentality, as you’ll have your choice of skiing, golfing, paddle boarding, and scenic bike trails.

Villa de los Sueños (Equator)

Boasting a beautiful beach over eight miles long, this hotel will not be short on sunshine and gorgeous women. Renowned for superb surfing and an exciting nightlife, make sure to be in a party mood when traveling to Equator.

Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel (Peru)

At the foot of the famous Machu Picchu Mountain, this hotel focuses on an excellent culinary adventure. Overlooking the dense rainforest, you can enjoy popular Peruvian dishes such as the Choritos a la chalaca, which are steamed mussels served with Peruvian corn. After dinner, you can enjoy Picarones, which are basically deep-fried donuts covered in syrup. Man, the Peruvians sure know how to eat!

Grand Hyatt Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Finally, this resort in Brazil is a combination of all the best qualities of the aforementioned hotels, in one! Fine dining on an oceanfront property. Uh, yes please! Have you ever wanted to play volleyball with the gorgeous women of Brazil? Of course you have! Well, now’s your chance when you stay at the Grand Hyatt in Rio. However, considering what we saw during the Olympics in Brazil, it’s best to stick to the well-lit areas when out enjoying the nightlife. Nothing would damper your vacation more than getting pickpocketed!

No matter where you choose to spend your vacation this winter, you’ll have plenty of luxurious hotels to choose from!

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