Sore muscles are signature for any good workout. But what do you do to relieve those aches and pains? Well, the future is here with the HydroWorx Therapy Pool. This pool is used all around the world by athletes of all caliber. But what makes this pool so great?

Hydromassage Hoses

Imagine how convenient it would be to get a deep tissue massage whenever you want. With HydroWorx, there’s no need to imagine. The Hydromassage hoses in the pool pump out high pressure water to hit your sore muscles and relieve tension. You won’t have to be confined to one section of the pool, though, as the hoses can stretch wherever you want to be.

Underwater Treadmill

Especially necessary when rehabbing injuries, the underwater treadmill is perfect for a low-impact and soothing workouts. The speed of the treadmill is adjustable to fit whatever scenario you’d like, whether you want to gingerly stretch your tired muscles or take it easy on a lower-body injury.

Adjustable Depth

Usually if your whole body is sore, you get into a chin-deep pool. If you’re only sore from the waist down, why would you still get into a chin-deep pool? HydroWorx recognizes this dilemma and created a pool with adjustable depth so you never have to choose between deep and shallow.

HydroWorx Therapy Pools are a must have for any serious athlete. The NFL is the hardest hitting sport in the world with collisions that have been compared to being in car crashes, on a weekly basis. So you know when NFL teams use this product, it works!

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