Most men love to go camping. Away from the hustle and craziness that is your life, you’re finally able to take a step back and breathe. Camping is the perfect getaway for any man to take a little break from reality and relax. However, there are necessities you’ll need to bring before you take a hike into the wild. You have to be prepared for a number of dangerous scenarios, so make sure you pack these essentials:


Basic shelter is the first thing you should take care of when you’re camping. With winter quickly approaching, you’ll need shelter from the cold elements. There’s no need for some overly complicated tent that takes hours to set up. That takes all the fun out of it! With a simple two-person sized tent, you’ll be done in five minutes.


Speaking of cold weather, you’ll need to make a fire. Of all the fire starters, the lighter is the most reliable. Flint and steel is too random and matches are quick to get wet. All you need is a Bic lighter from your local corner store and you’ll be ready to make your campfire. Don’t be a pussy who brings a stove on a camping trip. Real men make their fires by hand!

Water Bottle

You should already know the importance of clean water if you’re ever going out into the great outdoors. Any camping trip can turn into a survival situation, so remember, when it comes to water, more is always better. You need about one gallon of water a day, but that’s just when you’re at home. When you’re camping, you’ll be sweating more and thus, will need more water, so pack accordingly.


You might think the knife in your multi-tool will be enough, but that knife is only slightly more deadly than a pair of nail clippers. For any camping adventure, you’re going to need a real knife. It’s the most rudimentary tool that can solve many of your problems out in the wild. From gutting fish to self-defense, a knife is invaluable.

Camper’s Axe

This tool will definitely be overlooked by most men. While the knife is an upgrade to the multi-tool, the camper’s axe is an upgrade to the knife. The camper’s axe shouldn’t be confused with a wood cutter’s axe, as this axe is only about 14” long. However, it gets the job done when chopping wood for your fire.

With shelter, fire, water, and proper tools, every gentleman can have a safe and enjoyable camping trip! Just don’t be the guy who wipes his ass with poison ivy.

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