One of the biggest complaints men have about condom use is the lessening of sensation. Most men aren’t really interested in using one and prefer the feel of skin on skin action. The only problem is that condoms can prevent pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. So what are the other options? Condom makers have long been working with materials and designs to find a condom that will work as directed while allowing for maximum sensation and pleasure for both parties.

Condoms come in latex, lambskin, and polyurethane. They have ridges, spermicide, colors, flavors, etc. Anything to try to promote more condom use. Yet, only a small percentage of men use them regularly. This is across the globe.

Charles Powell took all these factors into consideration and came up with the Galactic Cap. This condom is not made from a new material, it’s made from polyurethane. What makes this stand out is the design (and subsequently the price.)The condom is not your usual full-length fit and looks similar to a fingertip Band-Aid. This is for good reason. The condom itself is adhered to the skin with an adhesive and covers the tip. Yes, fellas, only the tip. There’s a reservoir in the tip which will collect the semen to ensure no leaks occur. By having such a small condom, more surface area is left open for increased sensation and pleasure. There’s a video that explains all of this.

Now, does this take away the fumbling that comes with putting a condom on? Well, you need to put this condom on in a way that the hole matches up with the hole in the penis. Not sure how hard that is, but guessing the lights will need to be on to ensure proper placement. Also, there won’t be any “whipping off” the condom either because now it’s stuck to your skin. The video mentions “slowly” removing the condom. I’m guessing that will be a given if you remove the first one too fast.

Each condom is projected to be $25. Yes, you read that right. Pretty sure they’re not reusable either… Currently, you can get a 3-pack at a gas station for a few dollars. If you want, you can buy 10 or more for around $6 to $8. You might get pissed if you rip one, but it’s not the end of the world. For $25 though, you’ll most likely be putting it on and taking it off like your life depends on it!

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