There’s a new (ish) trend you’ve probably already seen floating around Instagram or Twitter. This new trendy movement will have you spending all your free time staring at your phone looking for the most recent updated pictures. Behold: The “hand bra.”

The hand bra recently came about because women need to cover their nipples as a display of modesty. I mean, everybody knows the nipples are the most graphic part of the breast, but they’re also the most important! It’s really a shame they need to be covered… but the hand bra does provide a certain sex appeal I suppose.

Some women have taken the hand bra to another level and covered their breasts with fish, snakes or a close friend’s hands. Others have used various articles of clothing such as a tie, socks, or scarves. The Huffington Post took notice of the hand bra trend and even distributed their own Hand Bra Awards in 2013. Pretty sure it was just recognition and no one actually received a statue or a plaque, though. The hand bra appears to be a trend that will not be fading anytime soon. But, honestly, no one is really complaining about this are they?

There are many variations of the hand bra as well: covering both nipples with one hand, covering each nipple with a separate hand, covering the nipples with the forearms while allowing for bottom support, and covering the nipples with the forearm while maintaining underboob. There really is no wrong way to wear one. Again, no complaints. Then we bring the props and clothing into the mix and there’s just endless possibility.

The only thing that could bring an end to the craze is the “Free the Nipple movement.” This is a push by women to be able to walk around topless in various areas the same as men do. Now, this isn’t necessarily a step in the wrong direction, but if this were to be commonplace, then the hand bra might become a thing of the past. So, enjoy the photos and ingenuity while you can. Years down the road we could be looking back on this and wondering why did we even bother? We could have just let “the girls” roam free the whole time.

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