Halloween is the time to turn out the lights and put on a scary movie. With so many horror flicks to choose from, you don’t want to end up watching another shitty remake that relies too heavily on cheap jump-scares. From the old horror classics to the new modern movies, these scary cinemas will keep you up all night on!

It Follows (2014)

When you catch the curse in It Follows, you’re pursued by a relentless paranormal monster. Wow, how original! But this monster doesn’t run after you like in every other horror film. No, it just unnervingly walks a straight line to you in utter silence. To make things worse, the monster can take any form (your girlfriend, your mom, or a total stranger.) It uses whatever form it needs to get close to you and eventually kill you. Oh, and the catch? The curse can only be passed on to someone else through sex. Will the monster still follow you even if you wear a condom? Trojan might be in the market for protecting men from sexually transmitted curses.

The Thing (1982)

Special effects sure have come a long way. We recommend the original, but if you can’t handle some of the older special effects, you can always watch the revamped 2011 version of the same name. Props are much more fun than CGI, anyways. Much like the premise of It Follows, an extraterrestrial parasite imitates individuals that are trapped in an artic research base. With paranoia levels high, the group fights off the monster while trying to differentiate friend from foe. If that wasn’t enough for you, The Thing stars the ever-badass Kurt Russell. C’mon, who doesn’t love Kurt Russell?

The Shining (1980)

The Shining is regarded by many to be the “perfect” scary movie, so there’s no way we couldn’t include this one on the list. The Shining shows what can happen when you’re stuck in the house with your family for way too long. If that doesn’t sound scary, Jack Nicholson’s performance as a man driven mad by cabin fever is both iconic and timeless. Directed by the unique Stanley Kubrick, it’s obvious why this film is quintessential. Kubrick had a reputation to film over 100 takes for a single scene. In the horror genre, that’s expensive but the result was clearly magnificent.

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Paving the way for movies incorporating Satanism, Rosemary’s Baby was one of the first of its kind. Plus, it’s a perfect movie to make you realize you probably never want kids. After getting freaky with the devil himself, Rosemary can only wait while the pains of carrying a baby start to escalate. Inside her stomach is brewing something truly diabolical. Maybe the evil cult living downstairs had something to do with this?

The Babadook (2014)

What do you get for a flick with a $2 million dollar budget? Usually crap. But The Babadook defies all expectations. With the small budget, the film focuses more on psychological horror, rather than expensive blood and gore. This works in favor of The Babadook, as the film illustrates that your imagination is far more horrifying than anything on-screen.

Whatever movie you watch this Halloween, make sure it’s truly disturbing. It takes a lot to scare most men in general, so it’s important to get some testosterone flowing!

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