Fall is the season that your wife/girlfriend loves and constantly wants to show off her creativity in all things DIY. Fortunately for us, Halloween falls under this season which means we get to act like kids again (doing stupid shit and not getting in trouble for it one night a year.)

This year, why not make everyone happy by throwing a giant party. Your wife gets to show off her little art projects while you get to dress up in the most ridiculous costume known to man. Yeah, have the best Halloween party your friends have ever been to! There’s only one problem: everyone you know is on a diet (getting ready for that big bachelor party in Cabo next month.) No worries, my friend! Check out some of the most creative and healthy Halloween recipes that are surprisingly easy to make:

Deviled-Egg Eyeballs

After you hard boil a carton of eggs, cut the eggs in half and remove the hard yolks. In a bowl, combine the yolks with mustard, mayo, cayenne pepper, and some hot sauce for the added kick. With your eggs whites cut in half on the platter, you’ll put the yolk mixture on top of the eggs, creating the yellow, bloodshot “iris” of the eye. For effect, put half an olive in the middle, garnishing the egg as a creepy pupil to stare into while chowing down.

Bloody Sausage Fingers

In this recipe, you’ll create your own style of “finger” food. To create a dish of severed fingers for your guests to dine on, you’ll use a turkey sausage or soy alternative as the fingers. Scatter the cooked fingers on a platter with puddles of blood oozing from the end. This “blood” can be any sauce you want to dip in, but you want to steer clear of ketchup, as it is jam packed with sugar. Instead, opt for a chunky tomato based dip with sweet and spicy mango habanero. The chunks of tomato will really add the effect of a fleshy texture. To finish the dish, add little tortilla chip “fingernails” to really freak out your friends.

Sangria Blood Bowl

Refreshments can’t be forgotten when talking about Halloween recipes, but you don’t have to shy away from the alcohol just because you’re health conscious. You can throw in the traditional fruits into a bowl of Sangria, like orange, lemon, lime, pineapple, and mangoes. Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl with a ladle to serve. For extra fun, you can carve faces into the apples like a pumpkin, then throw the “skulls” into the bowl for added effect.

Fruit Salad Brain Splatter

For this recipe, you’ll need a watermelon and a mixture of fruit salad. Just like a pumpkin, carve a face and hollow out the watermelon to look like a jack-o-lantern. Make sure to cut the top of the watermelon in a way that looks like a skull was cracked open. The “brains” inside will be a mixture of fruit like cantaloupe and honeydew. Watch the watermelon skull smile as it slowly drains of brain matter while your guests eat away at the delicious fruit inside.

Coming up with creative and healthy foods for your next Halloween party shouldn’t be the scary part. With these healthy dishes, you’ll keep all the ghouls and boys happy!

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