Coming up with a clever costume is often a difficult task for some men. Some guys don’t care what they dress up as. Others don’t want to shell out big money for a great costume that they’ll only wear once. Well, Halloween costumes can be made cheap and with little effort. Whether you’re going to a costume party with a date or by yourself, there are plenty of effortless and cheap costumes. On a side note: for the love of God, please don’t dress up as Harley Quinn and the Joker. We guarantee there will be at least four others at any Halloween party you attend.


Adam & Eve is a great couple’s costume. With a hot-glue gun, fake leaves, and short-shorts, you can create a very revealing but hilarious costume with your girlfriend/date. This idea is perfect for an ABC (Anything But Clothes) party, so make sure to hit the gym hard this month.
The “cop and a donut” is a great combination that will make anyone laugh. The cop outfit is for the girl, as she can make it look sexy and seductive. You, on the other hand, will be wearing the “donut,” which is just an inner tube around your waist. You can simply paint on the colorful frosting and sprinkles or buy it from Amazon for just $20.


If you’re going to a Halloween party as a single man, then you’re going to definitely have to make an impression on the ladies. The Boxed-Wine costume is a hilarious way to meet some women at this year’s party. For this, all you need is a box big enough to wear over your torso, and a bladder of wine. Make sure to paint the outside of the box to look like a box of Franzia. The best part is attaching the bladder of wine to the inside of your costume. Of course, the tap of the wine has stick out of the “crotch” of the costume. So prepare to get some phone numbers when the ladies get on their knees to sample your wine.

Want to really get clever? Effortlessly dress up as a literal Rubber Tree Plant. After gluing numerous condoms (aka rubbers) onto a trash bag, wear the bag as a poncho. With a few leaves and twigs in your hair, you’ll have everyone at the party guessing what your costume means. Only the clever girls at the party will understand!

Whatever you wear to the next Halloween party, it should be clever and home-made. Showing up to a party in a hilariously cheap looking outfit is always more memorable than any expensive costume!

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