It’s common for a good looking gentlemen such as yourself to have hundreds of friends on different social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. While most of those “friends” are probably just from high school, some might include dreaded ex-girlfriends. Men who continue to be associated with ex-girlfriends walk a fine line of danger, let me tell ya. While you should at least try to be civil with your ex, there are reasons why you shouldn’t actively look up a past girlfriend on social media.

She’s Moved On

You always want to be the first one to find a date after a break up. It proves to everyone that you’ve moved on and the termination of the relationship hasn’t phased you, even if you’re just bluffing. However, if you look up your ex on social media, you might find all the fun she’s been having without you. Even if what you see seems harmless to others, if she’s standing in a crowd full of people at a concert, all you see is that buff dude standing in her general vicinity. “Yeah, she’s totally bangin’ him,” you convince yourself. It sucks when you have to see your ex having a better time without you, so forego the potential headache and forget all about her.

She Catches You Creeping

We’ve all innocently stalked an ex on social media just to see what they’ve been up to. However, you never want to leave a trail that shows you’ve been stalking. The worst thing you can do is let your curiosity get the best of you and accidentally “like” something she wrote five months ago. She will immediately know you were looking through her profile and assume that you’re too pathetic to move on. You know what’s worse? Everybody else can see to. You better hope no one noticed while you frantically undo your mistake.

It Will Affect Future Relationships

If you continuously look up your ex on social media, you run the risk of living in the past. It’s bad enough that you have to check up on your former mistakes, so you shouldn’t have to put your current girlfriend through it. Your future girlfriends will be much happier if you just forget about your ex and focus on her!

Don’t be friends with your ex-girlfriends on social media unless the breakup went smoothly. Wait, what am I saying!? There’s really no reason to ever continue a social friendship with an ex. Just don’t.

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