If you’re someone who is big on foreplay, who loves to tease your partner until she’s tearing at your clothes, then we’ve got a fun new toy for you! Vibease is a new wearable vibrator for women, and it can be controlled from your smartphone. Have your babe put it in her panties and enjoy dialing up the heat from literally anywhere in the world.

This high-end vibrator is unlike any other sex toy you’ve ever had. It’s quiet and discreet so that the party in her panties is just your little secret. Plus the app incorporates video chat and voice chat if you can’t be together for the exciting conclusion of all of that teasing. One of the testimonies on the Vibease website reads, “I was looking for a nice sex toy like this for a long time as a way to tease my wife from work. It exceeded expectations on being a fun way to remote control my lover.”

But wait, it gets better. This toy isn’t just for couples. Anyone who has the app can invite a friend to a private chat. You can send each other pictures, video call, and when the time is right, play with the pulsing pink vibrator between her legs. This is virtual foreplay at its finest. And talk about the best phone sex you’ve ever had with a stranger. Now she can feel your intensity building as you increase the pulsing strength of her vibrator, surprise her, and ultimately satisfy her.

Vibease also syncs with erotic audio-books for a titillating experience that brings steamy scenes to life. So if there’s something from Fifty Shades of Grey that you’ve been dying to try, you can have your partner listen to the passage—really listen to it—and warm up to the idea.

Sex toys add a lot of excitement and intimacy but can also feel cumbersome at times. Vibease is hands free, which means hands are free to be other places: on you, perhaps. Here’s the simple truth. Sex is better when you’re both geared up and ready to go. So this year for Christmas, get you both a present and invest in Vibease for better foreplay.

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