Getting to the gym is a crucial, but overlooked part of any man’s routine. After a few too many excuses, you’ve stopped going all together. What’s the best cure for sticking to the gym? Do it with a friend! Have someone to be accountable with. Partner workouts seem like a great way to bond with your friends, while also staying in shape, so what could go wrong? As there are many benefits, there’s also a few negative aspects to working out with friends. Let’s review a few of the pros and cons:


When you have a partner to workout with, you gain the motivation to actually go to the gym. No one wants to bail on their partner, so you have added pressure to go. If you do have to bail, let your partner know as soon as possible, not five minutes before you meet. Once together at the gym, partners will inspire one another through words and actions that make going to the gym actually fun. Going to the gym should be enjoyable, so that you keep wanting to return.

With a partner, you always have a spotter for bench press. Bench press is a fundamental part of any well-rounded workout routine, but it always requires a spotter. Only guys with a death wish would ever bench press alone. And asking a sweaty stranger would be awkward. Plus, if there’s a group of girls working out near by, you can show off your super-sets with your boys by your side making you look good.


You have to remember to workout with someone of similar physical abilities because physical differences will test your patience. No one wants to constantly take weights off and put them back on in between reps. Strength is not the only difference between gym partners. Both have to agree on which workouts to do for certain days. Some guys only want to bench press but what if his partner only wants to work on legs. There’s going to have to be compromises made here. I mean, what’s the point of working out together if you’re not actually doing the workouts together?
While counting on your partner is a motivation to workout, sometimes your partner will be the one to bail on you. It’s a shitty feeling to show up to the gym and wait on a friend that never shows up. It leaves you pissed off, which is not a good feeling to have before hitting the gym.

The point of working out together is to grow stronger together. If you’re working out with your friend, you might find that you’re talking more than working out. You’ll be catching up, talking about how your day went because it’s inevitable between friends. However, the gym is for working out, so try to get your conversations in after your workout when you’re enjoying overpriced protein smoothies together.

Whether you like to work out alone or with a partner, every guy should be in the gym. Dad-bod is spreading like a disease and we must cure it!

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