After years of searching, you’ve finally found the perfect girl. You have a great time together, she’s a pro in the sack, and all your friends love her. You already know she’s the one, but why rush anything? Well, she’s ready to evolve to the next level. No, we’re not talking about a threesome. We’re talking about your girlfriend wanting to become your wife! But there’s one problem. You’re not ready for marriage yet… So what now?

A guy should never get married before he’s ready. The girls expect you to ask, so use that power to stall to your advantage. You should never admit to not being ready for marriage. If you do, the entire relationship will change and develop a different tone. She’ll start to have doubts about herself and her feelings for you will change. If you don’t put a ring on it, she figure someone else will. With stalling for time, you’ll need to use a few tricks:

The Ring

Tell her that you’re still searching for the perfect ring. All the rings you’ve seen so far just don’t fit with her certain je ne sais quoi (using French is crucial when explaining this to her.) Most guys just buy the first ring they see and expect their girlfriend to like it no matter what. Even though you’re lying, she will still interpret your patience as a virtue, making you even more worthy for marriage. But you don’t care about that. You’re just glad you have a few more potential years to wait and decide the next course of action. More time is the name of the game here, fellas.

You can also say the ring is being hand-crafted overseas by a salt-of-the-earth man in a quaint, European village. That’s romantic enough to make her start salivating on the spot. Plus, since its “handmade,” the process will take years of meticulous, painstaking crafting in order to ensure perfection. While on the subject of romance, remember to avoid chick-flicks. You don’t want her getting any more ideas about romance and marriage. That will just make her even more impatient. Promise her the ring will be worth the wait, as all good things are.

Scavenger Hunt

Send her on a “never-ending” scavenger hunt with vague clues directing her to old date locations. She’ll think you put in a lot of effort when in reality, it’s the easiest way to keep her busy, because she’ll never discover the end. If she complains that it’s too hard or she can’t figure out some of the clues, then use her confusion to your advantage. If she can’t answer these simple questions about your history together, then how can SHE be ready for marriage? See, turn it around on her!

Gentlemen, we’ve all been there (or are on our way there soon) and this situation sucks! Why can’t she just be happy with wanting to keep the “girlfriend” title? Then again, do you really want to take the chance of her becoming someone else’s wife? Don’t fuck this one up, bro!

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