Ahh, yes. Sleeping in the nude. It might seem obvious to most why this is a more popular option, but what if there was actual reasoning for sleeping naked? We are looking at a few of the benefits from sleeping buck ass naked, people. One plus right off the bat is there’s no fabric to bunch up and become uncomfortable, mainly because there is no fabric! I mean, I guess, you could still get tangled up in the sheets (hopefully this is the case, am I right?) Take a look below at just a few of the many pro’s to sleeping ass to sheets:

Bow Chicka Wow Wow

Well obviously, if you’re naked and the girl next to you is naked, it’s easier to get down and dirty. A quick turn and you two could be going at it in no time. Why waste all that time removing clothing? You know you’ve been there where you’re totally in the moment with a girl but you just can’t seem to get her panties off fast enough and she has to help… Yeah, don’t let that happen again.

Builds Self Confidence

Spending time au natural helps you develop a higher self-esteem. You become comfortable in your own skin which makes you more relaxed in general. Then, when you have a woman come stay the night, you’re totally comfortable to just bare it all.

Less Restrictions

As mentioned in the beginning, there is a lower chance of getting anything bunched up while you sleep, therefore giving you a more restful sleep. There’s nothing worse than turning over at night and realizing that your pajama bottoms did not turn with you. Then, you’re fighting with the covers and the pajama bottoms trying to get back to the dream you were having about the hot blonde.

Skin On Skin

This one has positive and negative consequences. On the positive side, having skin on skin contact releases Oxytocin which creates a stronger bond between you two. The hormone has been known to create the bond between mother and child, which is why the child is placed on the bare chest of the mother soon after birth. The same concept works with couples. The skin on skin contact releases the Oxytocin which makes you feel closer to the one you’re with. You develop feelings of trust and belonging with them.

The negative side is when it’s skin on fur contact. Your dog snuggles up to you while you lay in bed and then you feel that cold wet nose between your butt cheeks. Not quite the Oxytocin releasing bond there.

Laundry Day

If you’re sleeping naked, then you’re obviously not creating any more laundry. We all know laundry is already a bitch, let’s not add to the load.

Well, it seems there’s just far too many reasons why you should be sleeping naked, so what are you waiting for? The only issue comes when you need to get up at night and you live in mixed company. Maybe invest in a good robe?

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