On the surface, betting on either NFL or college football might not seem so different. On closer inspection, however, much more money can be made with college ball. But why is it easier?
Sheer opportunity with college is much higher than the NFL. The NFL only has around 15 games every week for you to bet on, as its limited to 32 total teams. This means every game will be researched by the bookies fairly evenly. However with college, there are around 120 division I colleges and 11 different conferences to choose from.

The bookies simply can’t devote enough time to making an accurate spread for every game. Sometimes they need to focus solely on the high-profile games, like the top-25 matchups. But in the NFL, all the games are relatively high profile, so there’s little chance to catch a game that the bookies messed up on. Often, you will see blowouts between colleges with names that no one has ever heard of. So if you do your research, you will come across glaring details in the overlooked games that show how wrong the bookies can be.

The level of competition is incredibly different between college and the NFL. Many men would assume that the pros have more pressure to perform. However, the NFL is designed around leveling the playing field as evenly as possible to make games more interesting. If Roger Goodell had his way (which he often does,) every team would be 8-8. With this in mind, sometimes it requires a crystal ball to know which NFL teams are going to show up every Sunday and beat the spread.

To make it worse, professional teams are rewarded for sub-par performances with high draft picks. By contrast, college coaches and athletic directors only get to bring in the best talent from the high school level if their colleges are among the best. Broken expectations lead to immediate termination if they aren’t winning the expected games. The key word here is expected because college football requires their investments to perform.

Colleges need their athletic programs in order to thrive as an institution that students will attend. Generally, the larger the college, the more money the school makes. This means every single college game is a must win. Pros let off the gas and run out the clock if they’re winning, which is the killer of most spreads. College teams just keep piling on the points in an attempt to prove how lethal they can be. This then translates to how the college does as a whole.

Just remember that you have many more options to bet on college than the NFL. More opportunity equals less attention by the bookies, so exploit low-profile games. The NFL is an entertainment industry where everyone is paid regardless. In college, all they care about is earning a win every week.

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