Not every man can be Bruce Lee, only needing his lightning fast reflexes to fend off attackers. Some guys need a little more added security to feel safe. I’m not talking about taking pepper spray with you wherever you go, you’re not a pussy. You’ll need these nifty gadgets to help bail you out of even the worst predicaments. It’s time to beef up your personal security, bro.

Vysk EP1 Privacy Charging Case

Probably your most sensitive asset is your cell phone, right? Many men have personal banking information that hackers can steal with surprising ease. With fake downloads and suspicious emails, even the most cautious men sometimes make mistakes. So if a hacker was to invade your phone, the Vysk EP1 Privacy Charging Case comes with software to protect both your messages and your photos by adding additional layers of security. In a worse scenario, hackers can even have access to your camera to spy on you and those around you. To combat this, the case covers your phone’s camera when not in use. And as the name implies, the case can also charge your phone, so you’ll never need to compromise your battery life in dangerous situations. Plus, the case is made to take a pounding, so in the very least, you can bludgeon your would-be attackers.

Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight

An underappreciated but important necessity is the ability to see in your dark home at night. Fumbling around for the light switch can be the difference between life and death sometimes. Make sure your sight is never compromised with the Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight. Available on Amazon, this is one of the brightest LED flashlights you can find, while still maintaining affordability. Be careful not to shine this light in your eyes, as it’s designed to blind any attacker. While not a great offensive weapon, this device will provide defense and clarity in a home invasion.

Self-Defense Money Clip

Your money is what every potential mugger wants from you, hopefully not your life, too. It’s necessary for you to cut out the bulky wallet so nobody pickpockets you. If the situation turns sour and you need to fight your way out, the money clip also doubles as a knuckle duster. Fitting between your fingers, the money clip becomes an offensive weapon that’s only limited to how angry you are. Available on Pinterest, the clip is functional and unassuming, so you can go out and have no fear.

Everyday there are new scams that people are using to break through your personal security. Don’t be the chump that’s not prepared!

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