A common way to boost libido and stamina in the bedroom is to focus on eating the right meals before sex. Everyone knows that oysters are a supposed aphrodisiac, right? But what about the food and drinks you should avoid? In the bedroom, bad food choices aren’t ever really discussed, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important. We know you can’t always predict when you’ll be getting lucky, but next time you’re sure you won’t be going home alone, try to avoid the options below:


Diuretics are foods that promote urination. Imagine this: you and your woman are getting down and dirty. Everything’s going at cruising speed, but with all the liquid in your bladder, you have to postpone the fun for a trip to the bathroom. Sometimes, all it takes is one big distraction to take the mood out of sex. Before you know it, the mood has changed just because you couldn’t hold it in. Diuretic foods to avoid include: coffee, tea, asparagus, fruit juice, and (too much) beer. Yes, even though beer helps you get laid, it can lead to your downfall if you need to take a piss during sex.


Sex is one of the closest, most intimate acts a man can do with a woman. So if your face is inches away from her face, make sure to avoid smelly foods. Just like pausing for a bathroom break, horrible breath is a surefire way to ruin the mood. Think about it: she’ll need to stifle her gagging after that limburger cheese you ate a few hours before. While you think the gum is working, it’s polite not to smell like your last meal. Smelly foods to steer clear of include: onions, garlic, certain cheeses, seafood, fish, and vinegar.


Since sex is so intimate, it often puts a person in a vulnerable state. Sex is not the time to feel embarrassed, so make sure not to eat any foods that will cause farting. While farting during sex seems funny to some guys, women won’t find it nearly as endearing. Save yourself the awkwardness by avoiding foods that cause flatulence: beans, broccoli, beer, milk, and wheat.

There are plenty of foods that can boost your sexual fun, but there are many more that will hinder you. Remember to never eat any diuretics or other smelly foods that cause flatulence. Your time in the bedroom will be much more entertaining and better uninterrupted.

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