Many people might pass through Laughlin, NV on their way to a more important destination without considering the possibility of staying a weekend. Located on the edge of the Colorado River, Laughlin is a beautiful oasis, if you can bear the heat. Summers in Laughlin can reach temperatures near 125ºF, so remember your sunscreen and bring plenty of beer.

The pinnacle in Laughlin is the Riverside Resort and Casino. Founded by Don Laughlin (hence the city’s name) the Riverside has numerous amenities to keep you busy, besides the fun part: gambling! Why do people love Laughlin? The most obvious answer is always the slot machines. With several casinos on the strip, you’ll have plenty of choices with thousands of machines in each casino.

The second reason people come to Laughlin is for the shows and entertainment. At the Laughlin Event Center, you can see shows such as Tim McGraw, Kid Rock, Dolly Parton, and Hank Williams Jr. that are tailored towards the Wild West atmosphere. But don’t worry; you probably won’t see any Wild West shootouts in the saloon. The third reason people visit Laughlin is for the buffets and restaurants. Who doesn’t love food?! Laughlin caters to both the fine dining establishments and other affordable options. Got to save the money for gambling!

Once a year, the Laughlin area hosts the now-famous River Regatta. Starting at the Chamber of Commerce, thousands of locals and visitors grab their booze and bob down the river on their floats. Some people float in just a single inner tube; others float in their massive, homemade floats with all their friends and family. They even have a contest for the best float, so you can get as creative with your project as you want.

Another yearly event is the River Run. Thousands of people from all over the country come to Laughlin for this one of a kind motorcycle showcase. All over the strip, vendors have food and drinks while bands and other events are playing. One year, The River Run even hosted a cage of death, which sounds fun, right? The cage of death includes a man driving a motorcycle inside a caged sphere. He drives in loops going around inside the cage, going upside down at times. It must’ve been hard to ride the motorcycle with balls that big!

If you’re brave enough to face the heat, Laughlin has numerous golf courses, just bring more water than you think you need. For the adventurous types, a few miles from Laughlin is Grapevine Canyon. Grapevine has miles of trails to offer but be careful, the terrain is not for beginners and wildlife has a tendency to make its presence known the hard way. Ala a scorpion in your shoe… You didn’t forget this was the Wild West, did you? Watercraft rentals are plenty and affordable, so you can join the party and hit the Colorado River in your own Jet Ski or Sea Doo.

Laughlin, Nevada is special. Tucked away between mountains and in a desert that can hardly support life, Laughlin continues to defy expectations and bring thousands of people to its beautiful river and exciting casinos. With so many options, how could you not fall in love with Laughlin?

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