Remember in school you learned about the Food Pyramid and how to be healthy? Eat mostly grains, then fruits and vegetables, then meats and dairy. Oh yeah, and drink eight glasses of water every day to stay hydrated.

Well, it turns out that little footnote at the bottom of the pyramid may have been more important than advertised. Depending on your body, your diet, and activity level, eight glasses may not be enough to keep you properly hydrated. It may be too much. And since hydration affects everything from sleep quality, to weight loss, to overall cognitive function, this fitness band is about more than just drinking water. It’s about keeping your body in peak performance.

The LVL Band is a product of BSX Technologies and was developed by Dr. Dustin Freckleton. This fitness band tracks your hydration level at any given moment and then suggests an amount of water for you to drink in order to keep your body at peak performance. But that’s not all the band does; it also tracks your heart rate, mood, sleep, activity, and calories. In a blog post on the company website, Freckleton talks about what inspired him to create the LVL band. At age 24 he suffered a severe, hydration-related stroke that took him months of rehab to recover from. When he was back on his feet, he began researching hydration. He found that 60% of stroke victims were dehydrated at the time of their stroke. He also found out that consuming enough water can improve multiple aspects of your life. It can improve your mood, make you feel less hungry, and help you sleep better.

Here’s how Freckleton described the hydration revelation to Business Insider: “When we express that we not only measure hydration, but the problems it solves, like around sleep and exercise, there’s an A-ha moment for people when they say ‘Oh my gosh, that’s what I need.’”

When you’re wearing the LVL fitness band, a gentle vibration alerts you that your water levels are getting low. You can then check your smartphone, which communicates with your LVL band via Bluetooth, and see your hydration level as a percent. The LVL app will then suggest an amount of water for you to consume. Freckleton explains, “Before a person goes to bed, let’s say the middle of the afternoon the previous day, we can say, ‘Hey, you’re about 19 ounces low right now. You’re gonna sleep 23% better tonight and feel better in the morning if you drink that now.'”

Sleeping better, feeling more awake, having better workouts: it all sounds great. Will you let this fitness band better your life? Check out the LVL Kickstarter page, and decide for yourself whether or not to back the project.

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