There’s a new superyacht that brings a fresh meaning to the phrase “luxury experience.” It’s called TIME, and it’s like no yacht you’ve ever seen before. Think detachable, floating lodge with a helicopter pad. Think observation drone for aerial explorations. Think free-climbing rock wall over a pool. Think 15m observation deck!

This dream-of-dreams superyacht–a collaboration between Henry Ward Design and BMT Nigel Gee—was just formally launched at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. The show was a display of superyachts and luxury tenders that showcases some of the most innovative ideas for today’s high-end marine toys.

Here are the four reasons you and your buddies should gather up your savings and go in on this future superyacht:

Floating Lodge Aft (with a helicopter pad)

Hard-to-reach exploration spots are always the most magical part of a trip. Getting to them with your yacht is not so magical. That’s why TIME includes a detachable floating lodge aft. The aft includes the owner’s suite and one guest cabin. The living/dining area is a beautiful open-plan that is great for hosting. And best of all, the aft includes a helicopter pad. You know, just in case your buds want to chopper in for the afternoon. This feature of TIME is by far the most unique.

4-Person Exploration Drone

Want to explore the nearby harbor or shoreline from above? Want to travel easily back and forth between your yacht and floating lodge aft? Want to take a quick trip into town? Hop on board your self-driving drone, which holds up to four people and is conveniently housed in the hangar on the yacht’s bow.

Free-Climb Rock Wall

For a little afternoon exercise, you can climb the rock-wall that overhangs the 8-meter pool. No need to rope in before you climb. The water below is your safety net. When you’re tired of climbing, take a break and float on the water, and soak up some sun. Or if you want to take a dip in the ocean, try out the splash pool. It’s created by the yacht’s fold-down walls when the floating lodge is out on an exploration. That’s right, two pools on one yacht.

Luxury Accommodations

Enjoy spacious sundecks, a 15-meter-high observation deck, and an on-board sauna, gym, bar, jacuzzi, and massage room. When you’re ready to crash at the end of the day, there are three VIP cabins and an owner’s suite on the main deck.

The feasibility of this design is still being discussed, but it’s pretty safe to say that even if they fall short of the original plan, this superyacht will be one hell of a luxury item.

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