Most guys don’t know this, but the gym isn’t the place to hit on women. Everyone at the gym should have one goal in mind: to work out. However, this shouldn’t stop you from impressing girls at the gym. You just have to do it correctly.We’ve all seen a hot girl working out, but how do you impress her with so many other guys around? Let’s first start with what NOT to do:

Don’t Flex, You’ll Hurt Yourself

Never flex in the mirror, if at all. Only the worst kind of guys would publicly flex in the mirror. Why would you even need a girlfriend as long as you have yourself, right? Flexing says you’re too immature and narcissistic to deserve any woman’s time.Just because a girl is watching does not mean you should try to lift more than humanly possible. It’s not very impressive to a woman if you leave the gym on a stretcher because you decided to bench press double your body weight. The tough guy act is thin and she’ll see right through it.

If You Grunt, Keep It Sexy

It’s an important part of a workout to grunt while busting out reps. It allows you to lift more and focus certain muscle groups. But don’t grunt too loudly. You should never sound like Rocky Balboa when you’re working out. You’ll come off as a douche bag and eventually everyone will be staring at you for the wrong reasons. Women are more impressed by the man who can lift a lot of weight while making it seem like it’s nothing. Plus, if you’re grunting too loudly while working out, she now knows that you sound like a dying baboon during sex. And newsflash: that’s not sexy. In fact, don’t even talk to her. She’s there to work out and many women will be insulted and annoyed if you interrupt them. She’s just busy concentrating on what’s really important: not you. So, show your maturity and wait until after the workout to meet her.

Get Your Shit Together

Gentlemen, try to focus on your workout and getting in shape. Respecting yourself and the women of the gym will come off as far more impressive. You’re at the gym because you want to transform from the dirty couch potato into a better man. You want to get healthy and you want to look good, so focus on that goal. Guys who have goals are much more attractive to women, so focus on your passions and the women will eventually come (pun intended.)

Plus, while all the other creepers are checking her out and making all the mistakes listed above, she’ll only notice the one guy in the gym that’s not giving her the time of day, yeah, it’s you!

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