Touted as “high-end functional mechanical art” the Espresso Veloce Aurum 18ct offers the ability to brew single-serve coffee (espresso) with a grappa dispenser, all the while looking like a half-scale formula one racing engine. Some of the components are comprised of aerospace grade alloy and surgical stainless steel. The specifications for the coffeemaker are shown as “Engine Block, Cylinder heads, and cam covers.” The current size (V12) is only the first size in the works with the V8 and V10 being produced.

Paolo Mastrogiuseppe, began his journey producing safety critical components for the mining, automotive and earth moving industries in a precision engineering machine shop with his brother and father. His love for that along with having an Avant-garde style produced many of the engine inspired coffee makers we see today. Various accessories are available along with the coffeemakers including a 10 ct. Grappa shot glass set and a set of 4 titanium espresso cups.

So now when your friends come over you can talk about your coffeemaker like you talk about your car. How many cups [miles] do you have on it? Did you go for the V8 or the V12? Let’s take it apart and see what’s inside. You can give it girls’ names. Tell your friends you’re taking “Betty Sue” for a swing around the cup.

Now for some of the bad news. The current price for one of these is around $15K. Then after getting over that sticker shock, you need to think about the uniqueness associated with this product. If something should go wrong with it, you will not be able to just run to the store and pick up a replacement part or be able to send it to just anyone to fix. You would possibly need to send it back to the manufacturer for a fix or replacement.

It does look cool, though and would certainly be a conversation piece. I mean who wouldn’t want coffee from an exhaust tube?

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