In America, we go through phases. We’ve gone from “super sizing” everything to “micro sizing.” Thankfully, we’ve come to our senses and realized that televisions should be monstrous yet micro. Nobody wants to gather around your wrist to watch the Super Bowl. LG has developed a 77-inch television that is surprisingly thin – 67.3 in x 1.3 in x 41.7 in – (micro size part.) The television was displayed at the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) show this past September. The TV offers OLED, 4K, and HDR.

OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode. These televisions are lighter and thinner than LED televisions and are usually more energy efficient. The technology in these televisions offers an “absolute” black color instead of a “relative” black color which produces a brighter more vibrant image. For you sports fans, this means you can see the sweat better on the players. And for all the average men of the world, one word: porn!

The 4K portion of the television description refers to the resolution of the electronic display. 4K is explained as 4,000 pixels on the horizontal side and 2,000 pixels on the vertical side. A “Full HD” 1080p resolution has four times fewer pixels, as an illustration. HDR is High Dynamic Range. This works to balance the shadow and the light on the screen. One of the great things about this television is that it offers a wide viewing angle. So if you’re the last person to arrive on NFL game night, you can still see the plays while squished into the farthest corner of the couch. The TV is advertised as a webOS Smart TV. This helps you connect to Netflix, HULU, and YouTube easier.

Now we get to the fun part. Currently, the television has a price tag around $25,000. Did you think that OLED, HDR, and 4K were going to be cheap? The television can be mounted on the wall or have a stand on the floor. Some stores have the television in stock, but most stores are taking pre-orders. As with anything, it’s important to shop around and determine the different prices that you can find for the same item. I would not recommend waiting until a big game is approaching because companies have the tendency to raise the price to cash in on the popularity.

It’s possible that the most important aspect of this TV is to determine if $25,000 is worth a fantastic picture quality for all your porn purposes. We say yes!

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