Bodies bumping and grinding all over, you’re both hot and sweaty… get your hand out of your pants; I’m talking about playing football. But what about football with our girls? Whether you’re single or taken, don’t shy away from playing football with women just because they’re girls.

Women can hold their own with most men, whether working out or playing football. If you’re single, two hand touch can be a flirty and sexy way to play with the ladies. Just don’t be the weirdo at the park, groping all the women. If you’re taken, exercising together is a great bonding activity for many couples so obviously football should be a given!

Working out and talking with one another, not just staring at a television, is great for bonding and building the relationship. She loves it because you both get closer as a couple, but it’s also sexy for you. Girls like to dress sporty when they work out. This means more sports bras and yoga pants. It’s plenty of eye candy, which only motivates you to work even harder, so everybody wins here.

Playing a specific sport like football with your girlfriend is a way for both of you to exercise and get in touch with your primitive sides. It doesn’t have to consist only of throwing the ball back and forth. You can incorporate other elements of football to get closer physically. The result should look like play-wrestling with one another, but with more running and passing.

Football can be risky, so make sure you’re being safe and using the condom-equivalent of the two hand touch. Two hand touch is a safe way to play with each other and avoid any unnecessary injuries. However, if you find yourself tackled to the ground by your girl, you shouldn’t be embarrassed, you should ask her to marry you! Sure, all your buddies will laugh at you, but nothing is sexier than a woman that can kick your ass.

Plenty of women love to watch football, so playing football isn’t much different. Playing sports with your girlfriend can be unexpectedly sexy and fun, so recommend it as your next exercise date and thank us later.

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