Every guy wants to be known for something right? Alexander The Great wanted to conquer the world and Neil Armstrong wanted to master the moon. With all these great expectations to meet, why not be the guy known for the most kickass tailgating parties? If you’ve ever wanted to go from beginner to pro in tailgating, there’s a few necessities you’ll need, and we got’em!

Come Prepared!

The basics of tailgating are simple. First, make sure you have plenty of chairs. No one wants to stand for hours before the game starts. You also need a lot of cold drinks. Nothing ruins a tailgate faster than going dry, so bring more than you think you’ll need. Plus, you want the drinks to be ice cold, so bring coolers packed with ice. If you live in a hot area, shade is certainly recommended from an EZ-UP. Like the name implies, they are very convenient for not just tailgating, but also camping. Every tailgate party needs flags to show everyone around which team you’re supporting. It helps to invite fellow supporters to your party and scare away the opposing fans.

Grill Master

Barbequing can be a tedious chore if your tailgate isn’t packed with the latest tech devices. That’s why a special tailgater grill is the perfect option. There are more affordable options that are boring and stationary, but if you really want to impress your friends, the Tailgater Grill from the American Tailgater Company is the way to go. This variant connects to the trailer hitch, so there’s no clutter underneath. All you have to do is connect the propane. There’s no messy coals or heavy parts. The best part is the Tailgater Grill is easy to clean and store, so there’s no worry when you have to start packing up.

A Cooler Scooter

Also from the American Tailgater Company is the Motorized Cooler Scooter. Yes, it’s a cooler you can sit on and drive. This thing looks just like a Vespa! It holds about 24 beers and is statistically proven to make everyone around you jealous. It’s powered by 300 watts and goes about 13 mph, which is pretty fast for your own beer-mobile. So expect to be doing donuts in the parking lot when your team wins.

Tailgating is meant to be fun. With the basics covered like food, drinks, and chairs, there’s not much else you need. But if you want to really impress your friends with a really memorable Sunday, then show some style with the latest in tailgating technology.

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